White Collar Boxing and Me

This week marks the beginning of a journey for me. A journey that will conclude with me standing in a boxing ring in front of hundreds of people. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well it kind of is, along with being absolutely terrifying.

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You see, I decided that I needed a challenge, something that will push myself and give me a sense of responsibility when it comes to my diet and lifestyle. So after thinking about a few different options, I settled on taking part in a White Collar Boxing event. The great thing about boxing is that the fitness work and boxing skills i will learn will be transferable to my Taekwondo training. Two birds with one stone!!

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Alongside the chance to improve my punching skills, I have a great opportunity to raise money for a worthwhile cause. The chosen charity of the boxing organisation is Cancer Research UK. Every two minutes in the UK someone is diagnosed with cancer! It’s an awful, insidious disease that robs the lives of loved ones and the happiness of everyone connected. It is a cause that is close to all our hearts. So that’s where this amazing organisation comes into its own. These guys are great, they fund scientists and nurses to help cure cancer sooner as well as provide information to the public.They work together with small groups of researchers and scientists to make the most of the funds they receive to carry out world class research. Every pound these guys receive helps them get closer to beating cancer. From glass slides to stem cell research centers, everything i funded from donations. 

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So I guess this is where I come in, to help with the amazing work Cancer Research UK does i have agreed to undertake 8 weeks of intense training at the world famous Kaobon gym here in Liverpool. Culminating in three 2-minute rounds of rank amateur boxing on my behalf. I have  set a donation target of £250 pounds, but i am looking to smash that! This is where you guys come in, if you would like to donate you can either use the link at the bottom of this post or take a look to the right of the blog. Not forgetting that this is a challenge to me too, I will be setting myself some goals too, these are:

  • To have taken part in all 16 hours of boxing training.
  • To have lost 18 LBS between now and then.
  • To have stuck to my healthy eating plan (Time restricted eating – No food before 10am and try not to eat after 6pm, although with all my training late on this might not happen – with a macro breakdown of 40/40/20 – this is all flexible though).
  • To continue with my TKD training in preparation for the Scottish Championships the week before the boxing.

I will be posting milestone reports on here but if you would like to follow my journey through this then my Instagram is probably going to be the best bet.

If you would like to give to my JustGiving page then click HERE.

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