Check In – Week 0 – So It Begins… Again

‘Sappanin people!!! It’s been a while guys, i know, but things haven’t been great at all. My mental health has been in the pan the past couple of months and it has left me back at the bottom of a big hill to climb. But a challenge is what makes life fun, isn’t it? Possibly… 

I have been suffering loads with anxiety for months now, making everything much harder than it already was. My work has suffered, my eating habits have been hocking and i haven’t trained in months. This last part is the thing that has hurt me the most. I love Taekwondo, i really do, I love the art, the challenge, the people, everything. Due to how I have been feeling I’ve missed 2 gradings and a summer camp. It sucks. But it’s not over and I am determined to be back training soon.

So we begin again at what is basically my Week 0!!! So lets get some baseline measurements to get started with.

Starting Weight: 318.5 LBS (Ouch!!)

Starting Measurements:

  • Neck: 50.5 CM
  • Chest: 138 CM
  • Belly Button: 133.5 CM
  • Hips: 132.5 CM

My goal weight is 199.9 LBS and i hope to hit that by the 30th of November 2020.

So every week I will check in and let you know how my battle with the fat is going and what I have been up too, keep checking in. It would be great if you could take a moment to share this blog please!!

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