Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!!

I always find it hard to write these thing, it feels narcissistic, but here i go

My names Kevin and as you have probably guessed, i am a little overweight. And by a little, i mean a lot. When i started my journey a few months ago i was weighing in at 325-lbs… Now at 6 foot 2 inches tall, that meant that i was 125-lbs over my goal weight. This gave me a really unhealthy BMI of 41.7… Not great.

I have always had a problem controlling my weight and its clear to me now that i used food as a comfort to help with my mental health issues. I know, i know, its a vicious cycle, depressions makes you eat and then your more depressed the more weight you gain. But we hall have to reach that bottom point before we can see a way out of it.

My moment came when i realised i was killing myself, literally, slow suicide through food. You see i was born with a faulty ticker, Hypertrophic Cardiomyoperthy to be exact, and all i was doing was pilling extra pressure on an already deficient heart. I can be quite symptomatic and i found the heavier i got the more symptoms i had. So that was it, i decided i was going to give my heart the best chance it could have.

So here we are.

In the past 6 months i have made a decent amount of changes that have resulted in me losing 30-lbs so far. I now train in gym 3 times a week doing a mix of Strong Lifts 5×5 and cardio, while also hitting the Dojang twice a week for my fix of Taekwondo. I have just passed my Yellow belt grading and i am looking forward to competing in the TAGB competitions this year

My main reason for starting this blog is to log my journey trying to change a lifetime of bad habits and also to hold myself accountable. I hope you enjoy your journey with me and please feel free to interact.

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